We currently offer 16 themed sound collections, totaling to 3000+ WAV files and 50+ GB (Unzipped) of sound effects and ambiences.

INSECTS & SWARMS 185 recordings of bees, flies, mosquitoes and designed insects $89.00
BIG MACHINES 192 kHz recordings of old, high powered motors, generators and switches $79.00
PIPING SYSTEMS Gas and water running through massive and tiny pipes, at three non-public processing sites $49.00
STETHOSCOPE Stethoscopic recordings of the human heart, lungs, digestive tract and more $29.00
LETTERPRESS Mechanical sounds of antique German printing machines $39.00
ATHENS ROOFTOP The vibrant ambience of Athens captured from a rooftop $29.00
ALARMS A comprehensive collection of alarms, beeps, buzzers and sirens $39.00
ROBOT VOICES Designed vocal expressions of 50 unique, talkative robot characters $89.00
NEW YORK 55 indoor and outdoor locations recorded throughout the city $49.00
BERLIN BALCONY Traffic atmospheres recorded from a balcony in Berlin at different times and weather conditions $19.00
WENDLAND AUTUMN 3+ hours of rural autumn atmospheres, recorded in the Wendland region of Germany $39.00
CIRCUITS Static, buzz, hum and other sounds of electricity $39.00
QUADCOPTER Close-up engine and rotor sounds of the DJI Phantom 2 multirotor quadcopter $49.00
PLANETS Designed soundscapes of imaginary planets $49.00
AIR TRAVEL Ambiences of 10 international airports and in-flight recordings of commercial airliners $99.00
8-BIT GAMES Classic retro game sound effects and music cues $49.00
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 AC ventilation sounds African city ambience airbus on-board sounds airport hall ambience alarm sounds Athens city ambiences ball rolling sounds bee sounds beep sounds Berlin balcony sound Berlin city ambience big engine sound effects birdsong sounds boat sound effects bottle open sounds brook sounds bus driving sounds Cape Town city ambience car engine recordings cat purring sound effects chicken sound effects cicada sounds coffee machine sounds Coffee shop crowd sound creaking sounds crowd sounds desert sounds dog barking sound effects door open and close electricity sounds fish sounds fly sound effects footstep sounds forest ambience gas pipe sounds generator sounds German nature sounds glacier sounds grandfather clock ticking sounds Greek nature sounds Greenland ambiences harbour ambience household sounds hums and drones hydraulic power switch sound effects hydrophone recordings insect swarm sounds Kalahari ambience knife sound effects Korean market sounds Korean nature ambience Lanzarote nature sounds metal impact sound effects mosquito sounds New York city sounds ocean sounds park ambiences power plant sounds quadcopter motor sounds rain sounds restaurant ambience river sounds robot voice sound effects room tones rural ambience sailing sounds scissor sounds seashore sounds Seoul city ambience Seoul city centre rooftop sounds ship engine sounds Spain nature sounds stream sounds subway sounds telephone sounds theatre audience sounds thunder sounds traffic sounds underwater sound recordings urban backyard ambience water drop sound effects water pipe sound effects wind sounds windmill sounds wing buzzing sounds wood squeak sounds writing sounds

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