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Insect sound library of buzzing, humming and swarming sounds featuring bees, flies, mosquitoes, and other winged insects.
89,00 $
192 kHz recordings of old, high-powered motors, generators, and switches.
79,00 $
Gas and water running through massive and tiny pipes, at three non-public processing sites.
49,00 $
192 kHz sound collection of two antique german printing machines.
39,00 $
Crowds and atmospheres recorded at multiple airports and on-board of commercial airliners during multiple international flights.
99,00 $
Stethoscopic recordings of heart, lungs, bowels, and blood vessels.
29,00 $
The vibrant ambience of Athens captured from a rooftop.
29,00 $
All alarms, beeps, buzzers, and sirens you will ever need.
39,00 $
Designed vocal expressions of 50 friendly and very talkative robotic creatures.
89,00 $
Characteristic atmospheres, crowds, and room tone recordings made at a variety of locations in and around New York City.
49,00 $
Traffic atmospheres recorded from a balcony in Berlin at different times and weather conditions.
19,00 $
Rural autumn atmospheres, recorded in the Wendland region of Germany.
39,00 $
static, buzz, hum, and related continuous sounds of flowing electricity in various big and small electronic devices.
39,00 $
Close-up motor/rotor sounds of the DJI Phantom 2 multirotor quadcopter.
49,00 $
Imaginary field recordings and atmospheres from distant planets.
49,00 $
The gritty, lo-fi, digital sounds of the early days of gaming.
49,00 $