Shapingwaves creates themed, royalty-free downloadable sound collections: unique ambiences, foley and object recordings, as well as designed sound effects. We cater to sound designers looking for new sound materials to expand their sonic palette, and to animators, filmmakers, and game or application developers in need of professional sound effects and atmospheres for their projects.

All collections are recorded and designed in 96 kHz WAV format, carefully edited and enriched with detailed embedded BWAV metadata, and delivered as extremely fast downloads.


“Shapingwaves is a place I go to when I need an obscure and/or well-recorded sound source. My current TV project “Legion” utilizes sounds from the Piping Systems Library, used for creating hi-tech room environments. Very cool stuff!”
Matt Temple – Credits: The Passion Of The Christ (Mel Gibson) – The Office (Ricky Gervais)

“The collections I’ve purchased from Shaping Waves have been coming in handy on my latest show “NCIS: New Orleans.” Your collections seem to offer something special – Quadcopter was my first purchase, and was used to fill in a short scene in an early episode where a group of scientists were flying a hovering toy around. It was perfect for the scene! Additionally, we travel to new locations throughout the season, and each time I’ve been needing fresh and interesting background ambiences. “Wendland Autumn”, “Berlin Balcony”, and “New York” have all come in handy for these purposes, and help widen the sonic palette of the show. I look forward to hearing and working with more of your libraries in the future.”
David Barnaby – Credits: Captain America (Joe Johnston) – Angels & Demons (Ron Howard)

“Keep up the good work. It’s much more fun being a sound designer these days because of independent sound libraries like yours.”
Peter Albrechtsen – Credits: Antichrist (Lars von Trier) – Cathedrals of Culture (Wim Wenders)

“Shapingwaves are one of the new indie sound effect creators that are pushing the edge.”
Paul Virostek – Credits: Ali (Michael Mann) – Million Dollar Baby (Clint Eastwood)

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