New York

Characteristic sound atmospheres, crowds, and room tone recordings made at a variety of locations in and around New York City.

Filelist / Metadata (Soundminer/BWAV)

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New York City & Upstate NY atmospheres

Indoor and outdoor recordings of New York

More than 3.5 hours of New York audio ambiences

50 files

Descriptive filenames

96 kHz / 24 bit WAV Stereo files

Embedded Soundminer metadata

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The collection includes 3 hours and 44 minutes of New York ambiences: 50 files with an average duration of 5 minutes, recorded at the following locations:

New York City sounds

Meatpacking District sounds

Lower East Side sounds

Greenwich Village sounds

Broadway sounds

Museum Of Modern Art sounds

Rockefeller Plaza sounds

Washington Square Park sounds

Highline Park sounds

Penn Station sounds

Williamsburg Bridge sounds

Lincoln Center Plaza sounds

Staten Island Ferry sounds

NYC Restaurant sounds

Multiple loft room tones

Various New York streets and crossroad sounds

NYC Subway rides and station sounds

Newark Airport Hall sounds

Sounds of other parks and plazas in New York

Bonus: Upstate New York sounds

  • Backyard sounds afternoon and night
  • Streets and crossroads
  • Outdoor restaurant sounds
  • Various condo room tones
  • Parking lot sounds
  • Colgate Lake sounds