A collection of static, buzz, hum and related continuous sounds of flowing electricity in various big and small electronic devices.

Filelist / Metadata (Soundminer/BWAV)

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Electronic hum noises & buzz sounds

Coil mic recordings

Designed electricity sounds

27 minutes of audio

30 files with descriptive filenames

96 kHz / 24 bit WAV files

Embedded Soundminer metadata

730 MB Zip / Fast download


The collection consists of 30 sounds, around a minute each. We recorded them at 96 kHz / 24 bit picking up current from various electronic devices, machines, and gadgets.
For most sounds we used custom-built coil microphones, in some cases they were designed and processed further (using software and our Eurorack modular system) to give them more character and depth. You are hearing electricity moving through circuits, data streams in mobile phones, server racks, laptops, and hard disks as well as some good old 60 Hz hum from the trusty wall outlet. Further sound sources were a refrigerator, a fuse box, lamps, phones, monitors, and other electronic devices at different locations.

Full length sound examples