The vibrant ambience of Athens captured from a rooftop.


The collection delivers 9 long ambiences recorded from different perspectives and at different times of day – from calm mornings to busy days and nights. In order to capture Athen’s soundscape in all its nuances, very low noise Neumann Microphones and Sound Devices Recorders were used to record long takes (between 8 and 19 minutes each) totaling to over 2 hours of audio.

The recording location was a two floor rooftop on a three storey building above a very small street with no nearby traffic that allowed recording the city with some distance from above:
traffic, restaurants, bars, construction work, birds – in some evening recordings we hear crickets in the distance, in some day recordings the AC of a neighbouring flat is running. Most of the recordings can also be used to represent a general city ambience, while some takes include specific regional sounds like Greek walla, churches and cicadas characteristic for the Greek capital.



Recording Athens rooftop soundscapes

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