All alarms, beeps, buzzers and sirens you will ever need.

Filelist / Metadata (Soundminer/BWAV)

39,00 $


Designed alarm & siren sounds

Over 2 hours of audio 100+ files

Descriptive filenames

Additional 100+ files construction kit

96 kHz / 24 bit WAV Stereo files

Embedded Soundminer metadata

4.4 GB Zip / Fast download


We set out to create a very comprehensive collection of designed sounds covering all types of alarm sounds: small and large, high tech and vintage sounding, distorted and clean, complex and simple, fast and slow, continuous sirens, harsh buzzers and subtle beeps.

The sounds can be used for a wide range of alert and alarm sounds, including: car alarms, smoke detectors, timers and clocks, air raid sirens, medical equipment, police and emergency sirens, fire alarms, home security devices, digital watches, gadgets and communication devices.


The core of the library consists of 100+ long, un-looped sounds around 1 minute each in duration. “Beeps” and “buzzers” have a noticeable pause between each sound (e.g. digital alarm clock) and “sirens” change pitch continuously (e.g. air raid sirens). Most sounds in this collection were created using analog and tube audio equipment so there are small imperfections and fluctuations over time, giving the sounds more realism and character.

Construction kit

To provide more detailed control over the type of alarm sound and enable you to create your own variations we created a construction kit, consisting of 100+ short, individual, seamlessly looping alarm sounds. As shown in the audio example below simply copy and paste (or loop) the construction kit elements to create a continuous alarm sound of the required length and rate.
The construction kit adds the following advantages:

Control over the interval between individual beeps.

Unlimited length.

For game designers: Easy implementation as a loop, small memory footprint.

Mix and match different construction kit elements to dial in exactly the sound you need.