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  • “Really high-quality recordings of lots of insects and also some very usable and applicable sound design elements. Real-world recordings are also a great base for sound design and development into new elements.…

  • “ShapingWaves are one of the new indie sound effect creators that are pushing the edge.”

  • “ShapingWaves is a place I go to when I need an obscure and/or well recorded sound source. Very cool stuff!”

  • “The four collections I’ve purchased from ShapingWaves have been coming in handy on my latest show. I look forward to hearing and working with more of your libraries in the future.”

  • “Keep up the good work. It’s much more fun being a sound designer these days because of independent sound libraries like yours.”

  • “ShapingWaves understands that Sound Designers require clean, isolated, high fidelity sounds to add to their palette, and they offer an interesting and eclectic selection.”

  • “I’ve found the ShapingWaves libraries super useful. Well recorded and unique, David Kamp really knows what his fellow sound designers are looking for.”

  • “The ShapingWaves collections are full of extremely well recorded, professionally catalogued dynamic sounds. David Kamp has assembled unique library material that pushes each one of his categories to the next level…very useful…